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requirements for Solid Fuel Heaters (SFHs) and in relation to wood smoke. PLUMBING REGULATIONS 2008. The Plumbing Regulations 2008 states that the.
29 Oct 2011

Like many building projects, installing a wood stove may require permission from your local government to ensure that you comply with safety regulations.
wood heater installation to comply with Installation Standard. AS/NZS 2918:2001. Different states and councils may have varying regulations. Check local
See the compliance plate attached to the heater). Fireplace Insert models New Zealand require any wood fire installation to comply with Installation Standard. AS/NZS 2918. They may In areas covered by stricter emission regulations:- (I).
In Australia, wood heater sales continue to grow before buying and installing a wood heater. on building regulations, local covenants and any required.
Wood heater and fireplace safety is very important. Both of these methods of heating use open flames, and if not managed correctly can create big problems very
Most people spend weeks, sometimes even months choosing the right wood heater for their home. Sadly, when it comes to installing the unit however, it is
Woodburning stoves are not to be installed in residential garages or where there is a Compare the expected heat output of various types of wood with alternative fuels. .. ed into most building codes and insurance regulations. The NFPA.