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Vostok lunokhod 2 manual. Chronograph wonderful terminating be produced end all up until lunokhod. Vostok Europe watches ? - appealing undertaking, powerful construction dominant hand. The Soviet manned lunar programs were a series of unlucky pursued nigh the Union to soil fetter on Moon, in championship with
User's Manual. 1. If required, the watch can be wound by rotation of the watch crown clockwise from the initial fixed position about 25-30 turns. If your watch has a screwed-ln crown, it should be unscrewed (Pic. 1) before winding the watch. Do not forget to screw the crown back after the winding. 2. The hands are set the
Watch manuals for various makes and models of Russian watches including Vostok Amphibia, Volmax and Vostok-Europe.
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Unscrew the winding head counter clockwise from the case - position 2 and start winding clockwise by turning winding head on 25-30 revolutions, slightly delaying the head from the case. Having finished winding up it's necessary to stop turning the winding head in order to avoid breakage of the mechanism. Best way to
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LUNDKHDD'E. THE SKY IS NO LONGER THE LIMIT! This Lunokhod-2 watch was designed by the Vostok-Europe team especially for use in different extreme activities - from deep diving to space explorations. For that it has the following bene?cial features: - A 49 mm stainless steel case, water resistant up to 300 meters.
Manuals. User's Manuals for all types of VE watches are here. User's Manual for all types of mechanical watches. pdf 2.19 Mb · User's Manual for all types of quartz The best VE wallpapers available for downloading here. Energia. 1920x1281. Almaz. 1920x1282. Lunokhod. 1920x1281. Lunokhod. 1920x1281. Lunokhod.
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