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Your PUFFiT will auto shut off after 90 sec of standby. To reset, simply put themagnetic cap back on for 2 sec. Remove magnetic cap to power on. TM. After charging your PUFFiT will go into low power mode. To reset, simply put the magnetic cap back on for 2 sec. Charge Level Indicator: To get an approximate indication of
Place the Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap back onto the PUFFiT X Vaporizer; this will set your fan speed. 3) To operate the PUFFiT X Vaporizer, turn “ON” the unit by pulling off the mouthpiece cover then removing the Aluminum Top Cap and insert the blend into the filling chamber.
11 Sep 2012 Price: $139 ($100 at Hempfest) Supplier: GotVape. Includes: Vaporizer, black mouth cover, clear mouth cap with replacements (3), metal top cap, rubber top cap cover, top cap poker attachment, hand poker, USB charger, temperature gauge, carrying case, replacement screens (4).
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19 Jun 2013
18 Feb 2015
Puffit Vaporizer is very simple to operate, follow this simple process to begin vaping: Remove the magnetic cap from the mouthpiece. Take off the cap. Fill the chamber with your preferred herbal blend. Put the cap back on. Use the dial on the side of the device to choose a temperature setting.
5 Jun 2012
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