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5 Oct 2016 Origins. Species: Malus domestica; Parentage: Cox x Wyken Pippin; Originates from: Bedford, England, United Kingdom; Introduced: 1897; Developed by: Laxton Brothers Nursery; Orange Pippin Cultivar ID: 1039; UK National Fruit Collection accession: 1979-170
Laxton's Epicure is an excellent early to mid cropping apple tree ideally suited for smaller gardens. Read here for full details.
Laxton's Superb Desert Apple. Laxton's Superb was first bred in 1897, Bedford in England. It is a cross between the Cox and Wyken Pippin apple trees. Thomas Laxton was famous plant breeder in Victorian times and bred numerous fruit varieties, apples and strawberries in particular. The company ceased trading in 1957
Find help & information on Malus domestica 'Laxton's Superb' (D) apple 'Laxton's Superb' from the RHS.
1 Nov 2013 "This magnificent fruit cannot be too highly recommended," he raves in his Handbook Of Hardy Fruits, published in 1920. Bunyard describes it as "very . Buy apple varieties 'Sunset', 'Laxton's Fortune' and 'Lord Lambourne' for ?19.99 each (prices include free UK mainland p&p). To order, call 0330 333
Laxton's Superb has top quality taste, largish apples and is easy to grow. Read here for full details.
31 Dec 2013 A popular English Cox-style variety, with a sweeter flavour and easier to grow, raised by the famous Laxton Bros. nursery in Bedford, UK. Cox's Orange Pippin (parent) Fortune - Shares the same name, but a different variety altogether.
The 'Laxton's Superb' is an apple cultivar that was developed in England in 1897. It is a cross breed between 'Wyken Pippin' and 'Cox's Orange Pippin'. It is a British apple with a green color and a dull red flush. It is a firm-textured dessert apple. The fruit is well known for its sweet and aromatic taste which is likened to the
Laxton's Superb is a classic English dessert apple from the Victorian era, still widely grown in gardens and small orchards. The apples have the orange/red flush which is characteristic of many English apple varieties. The flavour is basically sweet, and the flesh is firm rather than crunchy. All in all, a typical Victorian apple.
Pollination guide for Laxton's Fortune. Laxton's Fortune is in flowering group 3. Laxton's Fortune is partially self-fertile, but fruiting will be improved if there is a compatible tree of a different variety nearby. Since it flowers in the middle of the blossom season it can be pollinated by most other apple trees. Find pollination